Isometric Point-and-click

How did we get here?

Our team is three students – game/level designer (and programmer), artist/3d artist, scriptwriter. That’s why we can’t develop some big projects (although we want to). So, trying to do our best with all mechanics we have, we decided to create something small but fun. Our small team decided to create this small project. The inspiration for our creation were detective stories by Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, stylized graphic from new Legend of Zelda, and interesting interaction mechanics like Way Out, Nier: Automata and some old Point-and-click quests.

Game graphic as it is. It’s an early build, and a lot to do.


What’s the plot?

You play for a teen detective, who investigates strange case of murder in some closed room. Why teen, you ask? It seems more fun to play for a teen, rather than play for a bigtime old detective.

Concept-art of our protagonist

The main emphasis of this game is on gameplay itself. We have some plans to make nonlinear plot, which goes the way the player wants it to go. The player himself should interact with environment to find clues, check suspect’s alibi, make some theories, and show his logic and observation to get the villain. Notebook, clock watch, dummy smoking pipe (which can blow bubbles) and logic with observation will help player to catch a criminal.


Small afterword.

If you’ve read to this part, seems you took an interest in our project. You can follow our work in progress at Twitter

And if you have some questions (or you just want to talk), here’s our comfy Telegram-chat


Actual screenshots


Thanks for your attention!