Our team consists of two people. Our first project was the Magdalena. We are making a big bet on visual design and narrative history. Currently, our project is to coming on the PC, but would like  visit  next-generation consoles.

In our opinion, the graphics and story - the main component of the game. Thanks to the good graphics player stronger plunges  into the game world, a good story keeps it for a long time.

For greater immersion in the game world, we use the technology of VR. Also, our game supports widescreen monitors 21:9, as well as three or more monitors.


A little bit about current project Magdalena:

The mind dissolves in the surrounding darkness like pain dissolves in wine. Remains of memories crumble and rapidly leak like sand through fingers. And only one name stuck in the throat filled with fear. Magdalena... Minutes feel like days while waiting for something to happen. So the shadows become longer when the day dies.


The light will direct your path:
You play as George, who got through bloodcurdling events. The light will help you to find out these events.


Recall everything:
In order to gather a complete picture, you need to find all the fragments of memories and piece them together. What’s hidden behind the room’s door you can’t open? Restore the chronology of events and find the last element of the picture — a key to the room that’s been locked for years.


Explore the world around:
You can move and view every object in the house and outside it. Search for the clues that will lead you to the truth.


We were inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe stories while developing this game. We tried our best to create the same oppressive atmosphere of desperation and horrifying plot.

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